The duct cleaning procedure is carried out using a machine called a “Rotobrush”. The Rotobrush combines the power of a highly-efficient vacuum and a rotating brush system. It is inserted into the ducting then as the brushes physically remove the dirt from all sides of the duct, the high-powered vacuum sucks it away before it can spread. Bacteria and mould can accumulate over time in any A/C system, whether it is in a home or an office. Duct cleaning can help to prevent nasty, respiratory effects caused by breathing in bacteria/mould-infested air.


(the aiR+®XPi) has been designed with safety, efficiency and superior cleaning power in mind. It can be used on all ductwork, including flexible varieties, and is lightweight and portable, with a 50 foot hose, making it easy to use in any private or commercial property.

The Rotobrush includes large 28-inch and 30-inch brushes which rotate at 450pm to loosen even the toughest debris from the walls. As it falls, the debris is immediately sucked into the Rotobrush chamber using the powerful vacuum located behind the head of the brushes, giving you an exceptional clean.

The rotating cable is enclosed within the hose, making it safe to use in every type of duct application, including flexible ductwork.

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