The PVC Pipe Shoe Rack Episode on Dubai Eye 103.8FM | DIY Radio

Colin Flying Solo on Nightline on Dubai Eye Fix It Radio with James Piecowye

The PVC Pipe Shoe Rack Episode on Dubai Eye 103.8FM | DIY Radio

PVC Pipe Shoe Rack, We Will Fix It

Update 15/04/2018: The guys were fielding questions from listeners and once again ran out of time! PVC pipe shoe rack DIY project will be on next week’s show – we think!

This week on the show Colin and Dan were both back in the studio talking to James about all things DIY including a PVC pipe shoe rack.

Don’t worry if you missed the live show. The recording is below. Tune in and find out exactly how to make your own shoe rack out of PVC pipe. Probably one all husbands might like to consider for the other half that has more pairs of shoes than anyone would ever need in a lifetime.

The guys answer questions and give some good advice on; the industry and touch on the idea of warranty and guarantee. Something to think about when considering servicing and maintaining your air conditioning units.

If you want to tune in every week you can catch the show here – Dubai Eye 103.8FM

Last week’s show is here as well – Colin Flying Solo with James

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