The many benefits of regular AC servicing

The winter clothes are out of the closet and the weather is just perfect for an evening drive, with the windows rolled down and the wind in your hair. While you wish this could last forever, you know perfectly well that summer in Dubai is just around the corner and it is time to prepare for the scorching heat.

A fundamental question that bothers home owners with summer approaching swiftly is this: Do I really need to get my AC serviced before the heat sets in? The short answer our experts at We Will Fix It will give you is “Absolutely yes!” Read on to learn more about We Will Fix It’s ‘Top 6 reasons to get your AC serviced this summer.’

  1. Better cooling ability: If you do don’t remember when you last serviced your AC, chances are that your AC’s cooling performance has taken a hit. Wear and tear over the years takes a toll on your AC’s compressor, condensing and evaporator coil, greatly diminishing your AC’s ability to function efficiently. Consider getting your AC serviced and avoid being left in a puddle of sweat every time the temperature soars.
  2. Optimum consumption of electricity/improved efficiency: Have your DEWA bills been hitting the roof with no logical explanation? Your AC could be the silent culprit. An AC that has not been serviced has to work harder to supply cool air. A gradual buildup of dirt and undetected faults within your AC unit force your system to function in testing conditions, this can contribute to your electricity bills spiraling to dizzying heights. Getting your AC serviced regularly could thus definitely ease the burden on your cash flow.
  3. Avoid the need for costly replacements: Regular maintenance and servicing of your AC system enables your AC to operate in optimal condition and any signs of inefficiency should be addressed through preventative maintenance. Servicing your AC on a regular basis is a sure way of avoiding expensive repair work and works out to be economically viable in the long run.
  4. Improved air quality: Have you ever had a chance to look into your AC vents, filters or ducts? If yes, you know it can be described as a sight straight out of a horror movie! An unclean AC filter gathers dirt, debris, dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens which can have an adverse effect on your health and wellbeing. Regular AC servicing ensures that you and your family are breathing, clean, fresh air on a daily basis. After all, your AC’s main role is not just to keep you cool, but also to effectively regulate indoor air quality.
  5. Aids in the early detection of potential problems: If there was one proverb that could sum up the entire essence of AC servicing, it would have to be, ‘A stich in time saves nine.’ Early detection of potential AC problems is key to ensuring smooth functioning of your unit and avoiding costly repair bills. Whether it is a refrigerant leak or faulty air flow, regular AC servicing helps in identifying a failing component and taking necessary measures to bring it up to speed.  As Colin Thomas, We Will Fix It’s Managing Partner mentions in the podcast, timely maintenance can save you from costly repair work.
  6. Helps retain an environment-friendly atmosphere/approach: In the end it all boils down to one question, “How are the decisions I take influencing the environment and am I making the world a better place?” With regular AC servicing, you are! An AC that has been serviced regularly helps you reduce your carbon footprint by consuming less electricity for optimum performance. A well-maintained AC, can also keep your home cool, even if it is turned off intermittently, without making you a victim of the sweltering Dubai heat.


AC Servicing in Dubai:

Now that you have a fairly decent amount of information to help you decide on getting an AC service, you stand at yet another crossroad. Who do you call to get the job done?

Here are some tips to help you decide who you should choose:

  • Choose someone who does not force you to make a hurried decision. This is a scare tactic employed to get you to commit to spending a large amount of money, without proper system inspection.
  • Do your homework: Make sure you do some basic research on the best AC service company in Dubai and go through their website to see how they do business. Reading up on company reviews is also a great way to gauge the credibility of a company.
  • Choose a company that has a substantial amount of experience in the industry: An established AC service company has years of experience on the job and knows all there is to know about AC servicing in Dubai.
  • Choose a company that has a reputation for displaying utmost professionalism and is known to deliver great results, consistently.


If you are still on the fence and are unsure of what kind of AC service you should opt for, we have the perfect solution for you: Call We Will Fix It! Our British bookings team will help you through the process. Our team also does a detailed inspection before making a quotation for an AC servicing job. We also provide a service warranty on the job done and have you covered for a reasonable time frame. Click here to learn more about A We Will Fix It AC servicing in Dubai.




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