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Let’s admit it. We all have that one drawer where clutter through the decades seems to just miraculously accumulate. This drawer is home to innumerable little things that have long been forgotten. Though you know it exists, you’ve never really given cleaning it up a thought, because what’s out of sight is conveniently out of mind as well.
Your AC ducts replicate the functionality of this drawer very closely. While they’ve worked silently in the background to circulate the air in your home and provide you with cool air, you’ve never really given much thought to cleaning them. Unfortunately, an unclean AC duct may be more problematic than you think (and definitely dirtier than you can possibly imagine!)
Here are 5 signs to schedule a duct cleaning service in Dubai, especially if you have moved to a new place recently or have never had them cleaned before:


#1: Unexplainable and frequent accumulation of dust in your home

Have you ever given your home a thorough dusting session, only to find your furniture covered in a layer of thick dust, shortly afterwards? It may surprise you to know that your AC duct may be the culprit. The main job of your duct, is to circulate the air in your home. However, if they have not been cleaned in a while, ducts tend to get dusty and this dust is then circulated all over your home. Next time, before you get disappointed with your dusting skills, it may make sense to schedule a duct cleaning service. No matter how clean your home is, if the insides of your AC unit are dirty, your home will eventually get dirty as well.


#2: Symptoms of allergies and other respiratory problems

Dust and debris are not the only elements that get trapped within your AC unit over time. An unclean air duct is an ideal hangout spot for mould, mildew, pollen and various other allergens that can lead to respiratory problems like Asthma, and allergies in certain individuals. In addition, organic matter like pet hair and dander can also enter your AC unit, creating a conducive environment for scores of other bacteria and parasites. Cleaning your air ducts is the only way to get rid of these elements and ensuring that you and your family are inhaling clean air.

#3: Air that constantly smells of food or is musty

Can’t seem to get rid of the smell of that spicy roast from 3 weeks ago? Your AC ducts may be at fault. If your ducts are coated with dust and dirt, it affects the quality of air circulation and causes the smell from food preparation to linger around for much longer. Additionally, if you notice a damp, musty odour in your home, it could be emanating from the growth of mould within your AC system. Cleaning your air ducts with professional assistance will ensure that your home smells fresh at all times. P.S, it will also help prevent your guests from gagging the next time they visit.


#4: Poor AC cooling

If you’re still all sweaty when your AC temperature is set to a chilling 20 degrees, your AC has got some serious cooling problems. A duct cleaning service helps to get rid of the dirt, debris, dust and other materials that affect the cooling and circulation ability of your AC. This makes room for better functionality of your AC unit and improved air flow capacity. With a duct cleaning service, you can be sure that your AC unit is performing at an optimum level.


#5: Alarming electricity bills

An unclean AC duct forces your unit to work harder to keep your home cool. This causes your electricity bills to touch new heights! A simple act of duct cleaning, gets rid of all the obstructions within your ductwork and leads to better energy consumption patterns, that are easy on your wallet.


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