As Dubai’s weather can be quite temperamental, an unexpected AC breakdown can spell chaos and make your home unbearably hot. Even during the cooler months, an AC breakdown can make your home really stuffy, leaving you uncomfortable. Regular AC servicing is the only way to keep your family cool throughout the year, with no room for unpleasant surprises. The experts at We Will Fix It are well-equipped to provide you with the best AC service in Dubai and always go an extra mile to keep you comfortable at all times .


Here are some key factors that indicate you are clearly in need of an AC service

  • High levels of humidity indoors & inadequate cooling

  • Unreasonable DEWA bills

  • Insufficient airflow/poor air circulation

  • Unusual noises from your AC unit


We are experts in AC repair, service, cleaning, and maintenance in Dubai. Our highly-qualified technicians are always at hand to take care of all issues in a timely and efficient manner. Book now!

A We Will Fix It 14-point AC service includes:

  • Cooling efficiency assessment

    Complete assessment of cooling efficiency with a temperature gun

  • Detailed inspection

    Detailed inspection of filters, valves, coils, fan motor, evaporator and vents

  • Thorough check for blockages

    A careful inspection to check for blockages in the evaporator and condenser coils

  • Thermostat assessment

    Inspection of thermostats with a laser temperature gauge, to ensure their smooth functioning

  • Air-flow balance assessment

    Complete inspection of air-flow balance, followed by a thorough customer report on AC performance and measures taken


At We Will Fix It, we provide our customers with the best AC servicing in Dubai.

01. Excellent Bookings process

Experienced ex British tradesmen run our call centre. This ensures accurate understanding of the issues at hand, better and quicker diagnosis, and the ability to provide an immediate quotation.

02. Thorough 14-point check

Our technicians get to the job and follow a 14-step procedure to get your AC up to speed. Our wide range of AC services include all aspects of AC repair, AC cleaning and AC maintenance to ensure that your AC is performing at its best.

03. Effective after-service

Our AC servicing comes with a 3 month warranty, so you can rest assured that our technicians have done a good job. A follow up report is also provided to make our customers aware of any further work needed on AC units.


Here are the main benefits of getting an AC service:


An unclean AC filter gathers dirt, debris, dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens which can have an adverse effect on your health and wellbeing. Regular AC servicing ensures that you and your family are breathing, clean, fresh air on a daily basis.


Early detection of AC problems is key to ensuring smooth and effective functioning of your AC unit. Whether it is a refrigerant leak or faulty air flow, Regular AC servicing helps in identifying a failing component and taking necessary measures to bring it up to speed.


A gradual buildup of dirt and undetected faults within your AC  force your system to function in testing conditions, sending your electricity bills spiralling to dizzying heights. Getting your AC serviced regularly could ease the burden on your cheque books.


The wear and tear of the years takes a toll on your AC’s compressor, condensing and evaporator coil, greatly diminishing your ACs ability to function at its best. Consider getting your AC serviced and avoid being left in a puddle of sweat every time the temperature soars.


Get a closer look at how your AC works


Viviana Villasmil
Had a duct cleaning and an AC service job done by them and I’m very impressed. I’ve dealt with everything Dubai has to offer when it comes to handymen (I’ve seen one start taking selfies in my living room mid job) and I feel like the We Fix It guys are almost from another planet. They are super courteous, well spoken, and professional. Not once did I have to point something out/request anything they might have missed. They went above and beyond what I expected, and not just for Dubai standards. Bonus: their call center is very responsive and speaks really good English.
Viviana Villasmil

Alli Patzer
I can highly recommend We Will Fix It!!! They came through yesterday to do a full clean on our AC and they sure had their job cut out for them. I don't think the units have ever been cleaned LOL (we only moved in a couple of months ago). We started noticing the AC was getting warmer by the day, knowing it's summer we brushed it off but then the temperature in our main room was not getting lower than 25-26 degrees. We Will Fix It were booked for the next morning, arrived on time, super friendly and professional and done within the 4 hours they said it would take. We slept in 22 degrees last night (happiness is!!!). Thanks guys:)
Alli Patzer

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