1. Valves – Check they are opening & closing and the caps are connected to the valve.
  2. Actuator – Motor that powers the valve to regulate the flow of chilled water.
  3. Air Filters – Spray down & clean air filters.
  4. Review Coil – Confirm overall condition in case additional coil clean required.
  5. Disinfect Heat Exchanger – Disinfect with Detol (tested for decades so guaranteed to be safe) to kill off bacteria in the units.
  6. Fan Motor Operation – Check they are operating correctly & spinning at the correct rpm.
  7. Minimise Noise During Operation – Fan motor, blade & housing alignment and not rattling.
  8. Evaporator Wastes – Check if there is blockage and blast with gas if necessary.
  9. Clean all Vents – Clean off dusts and debris.
  10. Review Insulation – To check for failures causing condensation & water damage.
  11. Review Chilled Water Supply Pipe Condition – Visual check for leaks inside the chilled water supply system. (Repair not included within contract as should be managed by chilled water supply company)
  12. Thermostats – Accurate operation of actuator & fan motor.
  13. Temperature Review – Check carefully with a laser temperature gauge to confirm the system is operating correctly.
  14. Balancing Air Flows – Diverting air to different vents subject to the limitations of the installed system.
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