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Whilst we love the Dubai weather, if the AC fails your home can quickly become unbearable.

This is especially true if you have young children so we know that if you call us with AC issues, you need a fast and reliable service that you can trust.

For this reason, whether you need your AC repaired or serviced you can rest assured that we always warranty our work.

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination and AC servicing should only be handled by trained professionals.



  • Condenser Filters – Power-spray to remove sand – (We use a Karcher power-sprayer rather than just a garden hose as the sand gets baked onto the condensers and is not fully cleaned by a hose alone).
  • Compressors – Check their electrical condition to warn of future failures.
  • Filter Dryers – Check for blockages. Replace if necessary (additional charge if required).
  • Gas Pressures – Check pressures & add Freon R22 if required.
  • Outdoor Fan Motor & Housing – Review correct operation & housing in good condition
  • Electrical Checks – General checks of isolators, capacitor & compressor connections etc.
  • Evaporator Filters – Clean and disinfect – Disinfectant works its way through the system from the filters to kill off bacteria.
  • Review Coil – Confirm overall condition in case additional coil clean needed.
  • Disinfect Indoor AC Units – Using Detol (tested for decades so guaranteed household safe).
  • Fan Motors – Check they are operating correctly and housings are not rattling.
  • Evaporator Wastes – Check they are not blocked and blast with gas to clear if necessary.
  • Temperature Check – Measure the air temperature coming out of the vents using a laser temperature gauge to ensure the system is operating correctly.
  • Balancing Air Flows – Diverting air to different vents subject to the limitations of the installed system.


  1. Valves – Check they are opening & closing and the caps are connected to the valve.
  2. Actuator – Motor that powers the valve to regulate the flow of chilled water.
  3. Air Filters – Spray down & clean air filters.
  4. Review Coil – Confirm overall condition in case additional coil clean required.
  5. Disinfect Heat Exchanger – Disinfect with Detol (tested for decades so guaranteed to be safe) to kill off bacteria in the units.
  6. Fan Motor Operation – Check they are operating correctly & spinning at the correct rpm.
  7. Minimise Noise During Operation – Fan motor, blade & housing alignment and not rattling.
  8. Evaporator Wastes – Check if there is blockage and blast with gas if necessary.
  9. Clean all Vents – Clean off dusts and debris.
  10. Review Insulation – To check for failures causing condensation & water damage.
  11. Review Chilled Water Supply Pipe Condition – Visual check for leaks inside the chilled water supply system. (Repair not included within contract as should be managed by chilled water supply company)
  12. Thermostats – Accurate operation of actuator & fan motor.
  13. Temperature Review – Check carefully with a laser temperature gauge to confirm the system is operating correctly.
  14. Balancing Air Flows – Diverting air to different vents subject to the limitations of the installed system.


At We Will Fix It we know in order to fully check & service an AC unit these timings are required – Anything less is a waste of your time & money!
As well as cleaning and sanitising the unit we undertake a full electrical test of all AC hardware to ensure your units are working at full capacity.
If we find any hardware failures or signs of potential future issues we provide a free quotation for the repair work.
Not only that, we are so confident in our process that we offer a full 3 month service warranty giving you peace of mind. If you have any mechanical failure within 3 months of the AC service we will come back out to investigate the problem and inform you of the rectification work required.




Roberta Mamo-Lindow
Had AC Duct Cleaning carried out at a Springs Villa by Alvin & Ridgy. This duo were punctual, diligent, systematic, thorough and most polite. Receptionist May was also very courteous and friendly. Overall service experience from booking stage to completion was seamless and very professional. Many thanks and keep up the commendable work!
Roberta Mamo-Lindow

Jushtin Ashton
Really polite, courteous and professional team came to service our AC units. Very clean and a pleasure to use. Highly recommended! Thank you
Jushtin Ashton

John McCall
I had the guys from "we will Fix It" service my AC system today. Nelson, Erwin and Alvin were probably 3 of the most courteous professionals in the service industry that I have met in Dubai. They arrived on time, were polite from the outset, got on with the job and cleaned up after themselves. A rare breed indeed. Great service form these guys and any contact I have had with their office has also been excellent
John McCall

Andréa Brandão Sinclair
The guys from We Will Fix It are the most professional, competent, punctual and friendly handymen I have every hired. It's the third time they come to my house and I'm always amazed by their service. I'll never hired a different handyman while I live in Dubai!
Andréa Brandão Sinclair

Anika Mir
Always on time, very professional and efficient. I would not go with anyone else. I have booked them to fix Air conditioning units, sinks and painted and filled whole Appartment walls and ceilings. Great job guys! Thankyou.
Anika Mir


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