At We Will Fix It, man’s best friend is definitely ours. We love to visit the K9 dog shelter in Jebel Ali, and offer our services to them whenever we can. This has included the repainting of the K9 facility façade, AC maintenance, plumbing and we’ve even been known to do a bit of dog walking when the puppy-dog eyes proved too much to resist.
If you or someone you know is interested in adopting one of the lovely dogs that are desperately seeking homes or if you are interested in volunteering a little of your time to help them, please take a look at their website for more information:- http://www.k9friends.com and our Facebook page for more information.
Whenever we can, the team takes the dogs out for walks. It makes such a huge difference to them as they get some time outside of the kennels and a little freedom to run and sniff around, like all dogs should

K9 Friends does a fantastic job of helping the dogs that are unfortunately all too often just abandoned here in Dubai. The really sad thing is that the facility is quite often full to capacity and that means they can’t take in any more dogs. This leaves a great many to try and fend for themselves, even in the crazy heat of summer.
If you have any spare time on your hands, they are always happy to hear from you, it might be to take the dogs out for a walk, perhaps spend some time volunteering at the facility, or maybe even being a foster person to some of the dogs. Unfortunately some of the residents have been there for over 1000 days! That’s far too long for any four legged friend. If you were able to foster a dog for a short period of time, we know they are grateful and we know they’ll also make your day too.

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