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Dubai’s favourite maintenance company, Jim Will Fix It is rebranding
to “We Will Fix It” 
Dubai’s largest independently owned maintenance company, Jim Will Fix It Services LLC., has changed their name to We Will Fix It Services LLC.  
This change will disassociate the brand from any queries of association and allow the business to grow and explore the breadth of new opportunities within the wider building maintenance sector in the UAE.
What were the reasons behind the original name, Jim Will Fix It?
In 2008, British expatriates Colin Thomas and Daniel Garner identified a gap in the Dubai maintenance industry, and decided to build their own company in the city. It was to focus on providing high quality repairs, done right the first time by friendly, qualified technicians.
The difference? The British bookings team began diagnosis from the original phone call, and jobs could be completed ad-hoc, with no need or pressure to set up an annual maintenance contract.
When asked about the choice of name, Colin Thomas explained:
“When I originally conceived the business, I wanted a name that explained what we did, was catchy and had a personal connection. My second middle name is James, which is often shortened to Jim in the UK. Jim’ll Fix It had been a popular TV programme with British audiences, and the positive associations of that made “Jim Will Fix It” a natural choice for our business name”.
Whilst the company continued to expand despite the negative revelations that became known in 2012, with the support of their growing customer-base, they continued to use their established business name until the decision to rebrand in early 2017.
So why change the name and re-brand the business now?
It has now been nine years since Jim Will Fix It was formed, and the business has, and continues to enjoy tremendous growth. Beginning with an initial team of five people, they have steadily grown to over 100 staff, and continue to recruit regularly. 
They have also recently brought Euan Cameron on board as their General Manager. Euan has over 18 years of managerial and operational experience in the Middle East and he will support and drive their continued expansion and exploration of new opportunities within the industry.
 Euan Cameron explains:
“With the addition of many new services from those of our original offerings, the timing was right to rebrand the company and expand our operations further as well as continuing to build on our commercial relationships and partnerships within the UAE.
The initial roots of the business lie mainly in residential property maintenance. With so many positive experiences at their home, an increasing number of our customers requested us to review maintenance and technical jobs at their workplace. This growth has allowed us to create a commercial division, which concentrates on delivering our promises in this expanding market.
Our portfolio of services also continues to expand, and now includes a broad selection of value-added maintenance options including duct cleaning, coil cleaning, tank cleaning (officially licensed by Dubai Municipality) and pure water window cleaning using reach and wash technology”.
 Is anything else changing apart from the brand name?
Daniel Garner explains:
“We will be changing as little as possible. From a practical point of view, our new website will be launched at and along with social media updated to reflect the new identity, as will our digital, radio and vehicle branding.
Delivering an honest, punctual service with unrivalled staff, backed up by a parts & labour warranty on every job will ensure customer satisfaction remains at the heart of everything we do.”
Having worked so hard to establish a positive brand position and equity since formation in 2008, and with a commitment to continuing to build their reputation as Dubai’s leading independent maintenance company, they now look to the future. It is for this reason that Jim Will Fix It, will transition to We Will Fix It in 2017.
We Will Fix It – One Call. One Visit. Job Done!
For more information on We Will Fix It please contact  or call 800-FIX (800-349).
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