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Everyone’s favourite British maintenance company We Will Fix It has lots of handy tips for inspiration and throughout the summer we’ll push them out there through our blog.
As families escape to cooler climates for the summer and many Dads prepare to fend for themselves, it’s time to drop hints about all those little jobs and ‘man projects’ that can be accomplished before the family returns. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer to project manage from the driving range, here are some top tips from British maintenance company, We Will Fix It, to ensure your family return home and are wowed with the transformation.
Painting is the easiest way to transform a dull and lifeless room into a space that the whole family will love. Whether you are painting all four walls from top to bottom, or just touching up, careful preparation is essential for achieving the best results possible. We recommend the following steps to guarantee a flawless finish:
  1. Clean the wall to make sure it is free from dust and dirt so the paint can be applied evenly.
  2. Move all the furniture to the centre of the room, cover with plastic sheets and tape these to the floor to protect from sanding dust
  3. Fill any cracks or old picture holes with a good quality filler, once dry use sandpaper to create a flat finish
  4. Use masking tape around sockets & switches, windows, door frames and skirting to avoid over-painting.
  5. Use a primer paint, particularly if painting a lighter colour over a darker one, so the colour goes on evenly
  6. Give your paint a good stir before pouring into a roller tray.
  7. Paint in long continuous roller strokes to achieve a smooth and even look.
  8. Use a brush for smaller areas where a roller won’t fit
  9. Always apply a second coat, and a 3rd if required – believe us, the colour will looks better
  10. Program 800-FIX into your phone just in case!
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