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Top 3 Benefits of Having Your AC Coil Cleaned Regularly

Air-conditioning systems are essential for healthy and comfortable living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Besides keeping houses, offices, and other indoor places cool, they also help maintain cleaner air.

That said, if the AC breaks down, you’ll find yourself in a heap of trouble because repairing or replacing this indoor system can cost a fortune. And not having air-conditioning in the UAE is out of the question.

Luckily, proper AC maintenance can help prevent that.

Both residential and commercial spaces need to keep a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for their air-conditioning system. And one particular part you need to prioritize is the AC coil.

In this blog, you’ll learn about AC coils, the role they play in AC systems, and why you need to have yours cleaned by professionals periodically.

What Is an AC Coil?

Every air-conditioner has an evaporator coil and a condenser coil. To determine the role this component plays in the entire air-conditioning system, you need to understand how the two AC coil types differ. (Like yin and yang, salt and pepper or Batman and Robin, you need the two to work in harmony to get the desired effect.)

The AC evaporator coil is the component that removes heat from an indoor space. It is mounted inside the indoor air handler, where it draws warm air and lets the cold refrigerant in the evaporator absorb heat.

From there, the refrigerant flows towards the outdoor unit of the AC system. At this stage, the AC condenser coil acts as a channel for dispersing heat outdoors. This happens with the aid of a fan blowing through the condenser coil.

After getting rid of heat, the refrigerant flows back into the evaporator coil as frigid gas, repeating the process.

3 Benefits of Regular AC Coil Cleaning

Now that you know how the air-conditioning system uses AC coils, the next question you might be asking is, “Does cleaning AC coils really help?” The answer is a resounding “yes.”

In fact, unclean coils are usually the prime suspect for various air-conditioning issues.

For one, dirty and blocked coils reduce an air-conditioner’s efficiency, pushing the machine to run in longer cycles. 

In some cases, moisture that forms during regular AC operations freezes when the coils are blocked by dirt. While this is natural, the accumulation of ice within the coils leads to a snowball effect known as coil icing. This phenomenon restricts airflow within the coils, leading to poor AC performance and high energy costs.

Besides preventing these issues, AC coil cleaning can also offer you the following benefits:

1. Higher Cost Savings

Besides the money you’ll save on AC repairs or replacement, keeping the coils in your air-conditioning system clean also helps save energy. This, in turn, results in significant amounts of money saved on electricity bills.

2. Better Indoor Quality

It’s never healthy for coils to be left unchecked for a long time. If you do, those dirty cooling coils may create the perfect conditions for the growth of mould, fungi, bacteria, and other biological contaminants.

These contaminants may find their way into the indoor air, causing allergies and other health issues among people in your house or workplace.

Let’s say, for instance, your AC evaporator coil is clogged. When this happens, the compressor airflow increases, reducing dehumidification. As a result, mould and bacteria that thrive in humid places can build up within the coil passageways.

The same issue may occur when the condenser coil is blocked by dust, dirt, and other debris outdoors because of reduced heat dispersal.

3. Longer AC Lifespan

The harder the air-conditioner has to work, the shorter its lifespan. In contrast, a well-maintained and regularly cleaned AC has been proven to last longer.

Proper AC coil cleaning contributes to a longer lifespan for the air-conditioning unit. As the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure.” It’s also much more affordable.

When to Schedule AC Coil Cleaning: Telltale Signs

Some unavoidable circumstances can lead to dirty AC coils. It can be because of the weather, having pets, or if you’re undertaking a home remodeling project. Whatever the case, you need to determine when to call a technician as early as possible.

To help, we’ve listed several telltale signs that it’s time to ask for professional help:

  • The AC can no longer cool the room.
  • The air vents pump warm air instead of cool air.
  • The air-conditioner needs to run longer than normal.
  • You see heavy condensation or frost on the coils.
  • Strange noises come from the AC.

Reap the Benefits of Proper AC Upkeep

AC coils play a crucial role in keeping indoor spaces in the UAE comfortable. Stick to a regular maintenance schedule and reap the benefits of proper AC upkeep listed here.

Need assistance? Reach out to us for AC services in Dubai.

We’re always ready to help.

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