Dubai’s desert climate is just one reason why people love living here, but an AC breakdown in the middle of summer can quickly make your home unbearably hot. Even during the cooler months, an AC breakdown can be inconvenient and unpleasant. Regular AC servicing is the best way to ensure that your home stays cool and fresh all year round.


Our We Will Fix It technicians understand the importance and challenges of maintaining quality AC in Dubai. Their extensive experience enables them to diagnose and repair any AC fault while maintaining exceptional standards of AC servicing, all backed with our comprehensive 3-month service warranty. Our team of UK booking managers is just a call away. Contact us to schedule your AC service or repair.


If you notice these, contact us so that we can service your AC unit and get your home cooling system running efficiently again.

High levels of humidity indoors

Increased DEWA bills

Insufficient airflow

Unusual noises or water dripping from your AC unit

A We Will Fix It 14-point AC service includes:

Cooling efficiency assessment

We’ll carry out a complete assessment of the cooling efficiency of your unit with a temperature gun

Check and disinfect ac components

The operation of all hardware components within the AC units will be fully tested to ensure correct functionality. We will also check and disinfect all AC filters, vents and drainage line and provide before and after photos on request.

Fan and evaporator assessment

We’ll ensure the fan is working correctly and that there are no blockages in the evaporator coil

Thermostat check

We use a laser temperature gauge to ensure thermostats are operating correctly and accurately to keep your home at the chosen temperature

Air-flow balance assessment

We’ll ensure you get optimal air flow around each room and divert air to different vents where this is needed

Feedback to customer

At the end of the service, our team feedback vital information on the health of the AC system, any work carried out and advise you of any further works or repairs needed


Your satisfaction is our priority. Here’s what to expect from the We Will Fix It customer experience

01. Superior bookings process

With a booking team consisting of qualified British tradesman, nothing is lost in translation. We understand exactly what you need, enabling us to make a fast, accurate diagnosis and provide an instant quotation for most jobs.

02. Thorough 14-point check

Our technicians follow a specific 14-step process to ensure every AC is thoroughly serviced or repaired to our high standards every time. Our extensive range of AC services includes all aspects of AC repair, cleaning and maintenance to keep your AC performing at its best.

03. Effective after-service

Every AC service comes with a 3-month service warranty as standard, giving you the peace of mind that the job has been done right first time. If any follow-up work is needed to keep your AC in tip top condition, this will be detailed in a subsequent quotation from our team.


Need to know why regular AC servicing should be a priority?


Regular AC servicing maintains the effectiveness of your AC, ensuring all mechanical components are working optimally whilst also getting rid of dust and germs. Regularly serviced AC units are more reliable and keep your air cool and safe.


Dirty AC united have to work much harder to cool in challenging conditions, leading to higher energy consumptions and bigger bills. AC servicing makes the process more efficient and cost-effective.


Regular AC services enable us to spot any potential problems early, before they can negatively impact the safe and effective running of your unit.



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  • With the kids at school again, you can finally get around to other chores that you’ve been putting off. Now is the perfect time to do some maintenance and get things back on track. The summer holidays are over. ...

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