Are your AC Ducts circulating dust and germs? Signs your ducts may need a clean

As we lead into summer and spend more time in our homes, it is critical to ensure your AC system is functioning properly.

But have you also thought about all the AC ducts? An unclean AC duct may be more problematic than you think and could be harbouring more dirt, mould and debris than you imagine.

Here are some signs your ducts may need cleaning:

1. Unexplainable and frequent accumulation of dust in your home: Have you ever given your home a thorough dusting session, only to find your furniture covered in a layer of thick dust, shortly afterwards? Your AC duct may be the culprit. Ducts tend to get dusty and once your turn on your AC, this dust is then circulated all over your home.

2. Symptoms of allergies and other respiratory problems: Dust and debris are not the only elements that get trapped within your AC unit over time. An unclean AC duct is an ideal hangout spot for mould, mildew, pollen and various other allergens that can lead to respiratory problems and allergies in certain individuals. In addition, organic matter like pet hair and dander can also enter your AC unit, creating a conducive environment for scores of other bacteria and parasites. Yuck!

3. Air that constantly smells of food or is musty: Can’t seem to get rid of the smell of that spicy roast from 3 weeks ago? Your AC ducts may be at fault. If your ducts are coated with dust and dirt, it affects the quality of air circulation and causes the smell from food preparation to linger around for much longer. Each time you run your AC, it only causes these odours to circulate around your house. Additionally, if you notice a damp, musty odour in your home, it could be emanating from the growth of mould within your duct work.

Just like frequent hand washing can limit the spread of germs, regularly getting your AC, Ducts and Coils cleaned will ensure clean air circulates through your property all through the summer months.

Duct cleans should be completed by specialised technicians who have all the right tools to get to those hard to reach places. At We Will Fix It, our technicians use a Rotobrush® which is the only duct cleaning equipment that both brushes and sucks the dirt away in one process thereby preventing the risk of contamination. Once completed, technicians apply antibacterial and anti-fungal deodorizers, leaving your ducts both clean and safe.

Can you remember the last time that your ducts were cleaned?

If you have any other questions related to duct cleaning, we’d be happy to provide advice based on 12 years of experience working in properties across Dubai. Simply post your questions on our social channels (facebook or instagram) or give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.