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Can a technician still come to my home?

Another week of uncertainty has brought further change to the residents of Dubai. Residents need to stay home and only leave their house for either vital work or essential supplies.

Your home is now more than somewhere to relax. It may also be your children’s school and your workplace, meaning now, more than ever, you need your home systems to be working well.

So what happens if your air conditioner needs servicing before summer is upon us? Or you have essential plumbing or electrical repairs required?

Is it safe to have a technician in your home at this time? 

You are right to be concerned, but you also can’t afford to delay these kinds of jobs when your home needs to be your safe-haven.

Our team have been meeting daily to review the latest reports and recommendations. How can we ensure the safety of our technician’s, and your families? How do we play our part to limit the spread of this deadly virus across our home town? And how do we do that whilst maintaining the high expectations customers have of our service and workmanship?

Our first step was bringing in strict new hygiene procedures and implementing social distancing. We commenced daily temperature checks to ensure our technicians are always in top health. All of our teams started wearing masks and we rotated office staff, sending some to work at home. Then we started regular disinfection of our vans, office and workshop using the same kind of fogging equipment that we previously have used for maintenance jobs.

But what about in customers homes? How can we minimise any unnecessary contact?  

In customers homes our technicians wear mask, gloves and shoe coverings. Families can self isolate in the garden or in a separate room, communicate with technician’s via mobile. And we bought more eftpos machines, so all our customers can choose to pay with card and avoid transition of germs via cash.

Then we realized, we could offer the same disinfection process we are using in our office, to our customers.  At the completion of a job, our technicians can “fog” any areas where they have been working before they leave. Sure, the Dettol smells a lot and takes 30min to dry, but there is something reassuring about knowing that any germs and bacteria in the work space will be eliminated.

This additional disinfection is free of charge and completely optional – but we highly recommend it. 

With all of these precautions in place, you can trust that our team has got you covered.

Since your home is set to remain the safest space for you to be for the foreseeable future, just make sure that anyone you bring into your space has taken all the possible precautions to ensure your safety.

Got other questions or concerns? Leave us a comment or get in touch by phone or via our website. Let’s all work together to keep Dubai safe. 

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