Helpful tips to keep your wall color in prime condition

We totally relate with you if you’ve got kids who like to display their creativity by splashing colour all over the walls. Looking for tips on how to clean messy walls and retain the shine for longer? Read on.

Wipe your walls with a damp cloth periodically
Wipe your walls with a damp cloth and gentle cleaning solution, every once in a while. This is a great way to get rid of stains. Make sure to test your cleaning solution on a small patch of paint.

Swap out regular colours, crayons and paints around the house with washable ones
This is an absolute ‘must do’, especially if you have kids around the house. Trust us, you will thank us later!

Don’t push your furniture right up to the walls
Keeping some distance between your furniture and wall is a great way to avoid having your furniture chip at the wall paint or leave marks.

Use high-quality paint to start with
Not only will this last longer, it will also leave your falls with a fine and glistening finish.

Keep an eye out for scruffs and scratches on the wall
Marks from the kids’ bicycles/strollers, wall hangings and picture frames can easily be covered if spotted early, so it helps to keep a check on these things.

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