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The most outrageous maintenance/moving in stories

We recently asked Dubai residents to share their most outrageous maintenance/moving in stories with us and boy have they delivered! We’ve compiled some of the most shocking stories that left us absolutely horrified. Think you have a story that beats these? We’d love to hear from you!

“I just moved last month and the movers forgot to bring a ladder and instead, they used my show cabinet … safe to stay I need a new one. Reminder to never forget that ladder” – Therese


“Water pump broke down and it took our landlord 2 weeks to approve the fix. We went old school and bathed with pots and pans filled with water.
We fell in love with a sofa and bought it blindly. When it arrived it couldn’t fit into the building elevator or stairs we had to hire a crane to move it to the terrace on the 4th-floor apartment. And then had to do it all over again when we moved out” – Tiba


“My husband was out of town. It was just me and my baby at home. I was woken up past midnight as I heard someone using the shower in the guest room. In my culture, we believe in ghosts. I was so scared to go and check as I was sure it was a ghost taking a shower ?. After turning on the Quran and praying for a while, I finally had the courage to go and check. Turns out it was the hot water tank that was leaking. I rang security and luckily they could come and turn of the water source for me. No ghosts taking a shower after all.”- Nazurah


“Our daughter lived in 7 houses in 7 years” – Mark


“Lived in an apartment that didn’t flush properly came back to place flooded with poop on several occasions” – Gail


“Came home from vacation and the Aircon trays had over flooded while we were gone. Water EVERYWHERE. Ceiling boards fallen through. I was mopping up water until 5am.” –  Lynne


While most of these stories are disastrous, they could have been avoided entirely by a timely phone call to a reliable maintenance company. Got some maintenance tasks around your home? We are here to help! Don’t forget to check out our current offers.

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