How to Prepare Your Home for a Professional Interior Paint Job

If you live with someone who is proficient at DIY, you might be lucky enough to get your interior room painted within a day. However, if (like most people) you either feel intimidated at the thought of interior painting or you simply don’t know how to carry out interior painting, then you may end up taking double the time, or even more. This is why one in five people eventually concede and hire an interior house painter to finish the job. If you’ve already decided to save yourself the stress and hand the job over to a professional service provider from the get-go, there are a few important steps you can take to minimize their time spent doing unskilled preparation, which importantly, will save you money.

1- Agree on paint

Some painting companies are willing to source your chosen paint colours from industry-insider professional-grade lines that have higher quality, wipe ability and durability. Find out if your service provider can offer this type of consultation or if you will be required to provide the paint yourself. High quality service providers should be able to either match up or provide paint codes for standard colours used by large-scale developers such as Emaar and in communities such as Arabian Ranches and many other developments . Have the conversation early on to ensure you are clear on your budget and have sufficient time to obtain all the required materials in advance of their arrival, including the correct volume of paint (plus some to spare!)

2- Empty the room

This may seem obvious, but our techs have arrived to plenty a living space complete with furniture, wall art and decorative items that still need to be cleared. Box up all smaller items before the professionals arrive and where possible, move larger furniture items to the middle of the room so the team can start preparing and protecting your space immediately.

3- Clean the space

A flawless paint finish is reliant on a strictly dust-free environment, which is why rigorous cleaning is required just before the techs arrive – ideally no more than a few hours before they reach your home. First, vacuum the area including skirting boards, corners and any higher up areas that can be reached with a nozzle. You may or may not be aware that walls naturally hold onto airborne dust in the same way that floors do, so plan to spend some time washing surfaces to leave your blank canvas in perfect condition for a refresh. Living in the sandpit, Dubai homes are susceptible to outdoor deposits, allergens and humidity so be sure to put the necessary work in using old fashioned soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and never soak the surfaces, as your walls must be bone dry prior to paint application.

4- Know your limits

In the interests of safety and time optimization, there are certain parts of room preparation that are better off left to the professionals. One important example is the removal of socket covers and switches. This requires technical knowledge, and anything less could lead to electrocution as a worse-case scenario. Avoid putting yourself and your family in danger and leave all electrical related tasks to the team at hand. Somewhat less dramatically, painters tape laid incorrectly will cause your new paint application to bleed, so don’t be tempted to lay this yourself as it will almost certainly need to be rectified by the techs before they can start work. Good quality maintenance providers will also take down your curtains, hooks & blinds as part of the service. Be sure to find out what preparation is included and select a company that is aligned with your idea of a stress-free procedure.

5- Make it a pet and playmate-free zone

Professional painting requires space to move freely and should be considered a potentially messy and at times hazardous area that is out-of-bounds for the duration of the service. For this reason, make sure that furry friends and younger members of the family are far away from the vicinity while your service provider is working. If possible, arrange for those more inquisitive home dwellers to be supervised somewhere else entirely until the room is officially ready to be used.

In summary, the right service provider will leave you feeling satisfied that you opted to avoid the stress and mess involved with DIY decorating. But think ahead. By following these simple steps you can achieve the finish you want and still avoid paying for unnecessary labor. If you have questions about your home painting and handyman jobs, contact us today. Our bookings managers are happy to assist with your queries and will provide a no-obligation price estimation on request.

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