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Need an annual maintenance contract but not sure who to choose?

As Dubai continues to navigate through challenging times, your home is now more than somewhere to relax. It may also be your children’s school and your workplace, meaning now, more than ever, you need your home systems to be working well.

Home emergencies often have a way of showing up unannounced and at the most inconvenient times. An annual maintenance contract with a reliable home maintenance company in Dubai will have you covered all year long, while ensuring the protection of your family, by working with strict sanitation measures in place.

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An annual maintenance contract generally covers the basic maintenance work around your home and ensures that your AC, plumbing, and electrical systems do not give up on you when you need them the most. In essence, the objective of an annual maintenance contract is to keep your home protected and well-maintained all year long, without you having to spend a much larger amount on costly repair work. 

So, who do you approach for annual maintenance services?  While finding a home maintenance company in Dubai is not a daunting task (three cheers to the internet), how do you narrow down on the most reliable company? After all, everyone ‘claims’ to be the best and surely not everyone is. 

Since you are in the best position to take a call on your yearly home maintenance contract requirements, our experts at Essential Maintenance have come up with a list of questions to ask yourself, to help you make the right choice for your needs. 

Does the company have adequate experience in providing maintenance services?

No matter how attractive the deal, the best way to choose a home-maintenance company is to opt for someone who has been in the business and has gained a fair amount of expertise and exposure. You do not want to sign a maintenance contract with a company that is not equipped to handle your home maintenance requirements. As a rule, also make sure that your maintenance company is not charging you for a wide range of unnecessary services and make it a point to pay for only the essentials.

Does the company offer a service warranty on maintenance work that it undertakes?

If yes, is the warranty period reasonable? Most maintenance companies only offer a 30-day warranty period and any requests for repair work beyond this 30-day period is billed additionally. Be sure to look for a company that offers a reasonable service warranty period.  This clearly indicates that the company values customer satisfaction and is willing to walk an extra mile to meet customer expectations. A service warranty can also help you rest assured that the company is serious about delivering quality results on a consistent basis.

Does the company offer emergency callouts? If yes, what are the terms?

No matter how cost-effective your annual maintenance contract is, it all amounts to nothing if you can’t rely on your maintenance provider in your hour of need. Always scout for annual maintenance services that include emergency callouts as part of the contract. Be sure to analyse the terms and clauses for emergency callouts as most companies will only consider it as an ‘emergency’ if there is total failure of your AC, plumbing or electrical systems. Opt for a maintenance company that will show up even when you have a single failed unit. This should be a crucial factor when you are on the lookout for the best maintenance company in Dubai. 

Does the company have a credible reputation?

The only way to find out if a maintenance company is all that it claims, is by doing your homework. Ask your friends and family members within your community circle who their ‘go-to’ maintenance company is. Make sure your ‘Google-search’ extends beyond the first name that pops up on your results. Go through a potential home-maintenance company’s website and see what people are saying about them. Read Google reviews and Facebook reviews that other customers have left. With a small investment of time and effort initially, you will be able to assess the capabilities of the company better and can take a well-thought-out and informed decision. 

Did you have a pleasant first interaction?

So you’ve compared different companies offering annual maintenance contracts and almost decided on one to sign a maintenance contract with and you pick up the phone to give them a call. However, the company representative seems unprofessional and is breathing down your neck to sign the contract ASAP. Hopefully, it will set off alarm bells and you will back away from making a commitment. Understand that this is a sales tactic employed to rope you into a contract, without giving you the time to assess their service quality. First impressions matter a lot and if your first interaction with your maintenance company has left you with a bitter aftertaste, it is definitely not the end of your search. 

Was the company representative able to answer your questions in a satisfactory manner?

The quickest way to assess the credibility of a company is by asking them questions. Do not hesitate to play quiz-master and shoot any potential questions you may have. If a maintenance company is claiming to be the best at what they do, ask them ‘why?’. Ask them why you should choose their maintenance company over any other company in Dubai. If their answers satisfy you, rest assured of a good home-maintenance experience. 

Did the company representative respond to you promptly and effectively?

Another technique to verify the effectiveness of a maintenance company is to keep a tab on their response time while dealing with customers. Did the executive respond to you quickly? Was the executive able to communicate effectively? Most importantly, was the executive confident of being able to assist you and help find solutions to your problems? If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘No’, then we would highly recommend that you look for maintenance experts that check all the above boxes and meet all your requirements. 

We hope that this little checklist helps you to find the best company to meet your maintenance needs. 

Got any stories about your own maintenance experiences here in Dubai? Any guidance you would add? Got other maintenance questions you would like answers for? Please share your comments below.