Tips from the handyman’s booklet

Make sure you have all the tools you need before you start a job
Trust us on this one. It is sure to come in handy and save you the hassle of trying to plug a leak with your finger, just because you’ve forgotten a tool.

Never try to fix electrical issues without the required qualifications
It’s best to leave electrical issues in the care of a trusted professional. You do not want to risk damage to appliances, starting a fire or hurting yourself.

Keep your work area clear to avoid tripping on tools
The last thing you want while fixing something is hurting yourself because you left tools lying around. Make sure you keep your workspace clear and tidy.

Wear protective gear if required
If you are working with loud tools over a long period of time, it may help to protect your ears. If you are planning on cutting through wood, you will need to wear protective gear for your eyes as well.

Store your tools properly
Make sure your tools don’t get entangled in the cords and clean them before you put them away. Secure sharp tools so that you don’t hurt yourself when you reach for them the next time.

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