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Why Getting an Annual Maintenance Contract is a Must Now More Than Ever

As residents of the city, we want extended service and real value from a maintenance company in Dubai, but worry about making long-term commitments in the face of what might be perceived as an unpredictable future. Living in a transient part of the world, and having experienced the upheaval of a global pandemic, it is understandable that grand plans might take second place to our preoccupation with the here and now. Yet as the economy ebbs and flows, there is one outgoing expense that virtually all of us could be slicing in half with a little forward-planning. And in not doing so, we are leaving ourselves open to a lot of unnecessary stress 

Here are some reasons why you should consider an annual maintenance contract:

Reduce your outgoings

A recent survey by We Will Fix It disclosed that more than 75% of people would consider taking an annual maintenance contract if the cost was on par with (or less than) what they are currently spending on ad-hoc maintenance. If you’ve never taken the time to add up these outgoings, the total figure might surprise you. That AC malfunction and loose lighting connection you encountered last year no doubt cost you the best part of said yearly contract.  Making your failed water heater and clogged pipe expenses, literally money down the drain. Now what of those unexpected do-overs you had to fork out for? The AC that went wrong again within three weeks and the pipe that burst after being tampered with? 

As fuel, consumables and utility prices undergo their biggest hikes in years, this is not the time to pay cheap and end up paying twice for something that is essential to your standard of living. 

Make life easier for your family

In a place like Dubai where the climate is intense and many housing developments are ageing, home maintenance issues are more of an inevitability than a possibility. So, you can either wait for the problems to present themselves and pick a service provider on the spot (who may or may not be competent) or you can safeguard your family with an Essential Maintenance annual contract. The latter will provide skilled assistance at your door within 90 minutes of your emergency request being made – at any time of the day or night. No delays, no upheaval, no tricky hand gesture communication and no unpleasant surprises on arrival or afterwards. 

Presuming you came to Dubai to experience a better way of life, it is worth noting that an Essential Maintenance contract by We Will Fix It costs little more than your family’s weekend access to a local theme park.

Save yourself the time and frustration of poor workmanship

Imagine a world where home maintenance technicians turn up to your home on time, bright-eyed, bushy tailed and ready to get to work. No information gets lost in translation, and you already know they will fix the problem correctly because they provide a full warranty. (They must want this problem solved as much as you do!) The team proceed to work quickly, safely and diligently, even clearing up after themselves before they leave. Surely you must be dreaming..? 

With more demands on our time than ever before and a deep understanding that we don’t have time to waste, maybe it is finally time to live that dream and secure an Essential Maintenance contract to cover AC, plumbing and electrical household emergencies without the headache.

Reduce the need for landlord-tenant communications

We Will Fix It’s recent survey revealed that almost a quarter of people would take out a maintenance contract if it wasn’t for their landlord’s involvement with the property’s upkeep. More specifically, tenants anticipate that their landlord will be unwilling to secure a maintenance contract, or that their current level of communication makes the idea simply too difficult to get off the ground. 

This is an interesting take for the team at We Will Fix It, since the savings and benefits of a package offering are likely to be even more significant for landlords who tend to operate more than one property. Indeed, We Will Fix It’s own customer base includes a high number of landlords following the company’s active implementation of processes designed to make life easier for proprietors. There are options to cover property maintenance costs either in part or in full, and once agreed, the whole exchange is dealt with by an account manager, thereby minimising the need for tenant-landlord communication and cash transfers throughout the year. Couple this level of convenience with the aforementioned cost savings, and everyone involved is looking at a more clearly-defined and stress-free year ahead. 

As Dubai looks for ways to reduce ambiguity and red tape within business relationships, we consider the Essential Maintenance contract to be a win-win arrangement for both residents and owners in the pursuit of happier living throughout the Emirate. 

Interested to know more about what you’ll get with a maintenance contract and how much it will cost? Speak to us.

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