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4 Ways to Look After Your Home During Summer Vacation

Want to return to your home as you left it post-holiday? We Will Fix It Co-founder and managing Partner Colin Thomas recently contributed to a how-to feature in The National aimed at helping Dubai residents escaping the summer heat.

1. AC on (it’s official)

 “Set your AC on a timer for a couple of hours a day while you’re away, as this will cool down the interior of your home.”

“Alternatively, put it on an automatic setting of about 27ºC to stop you from returning to a house full of condensation and to keep your plants alive at the same time.

“Make sure you leave your curtains and blinds drawn in rooms that receive direct sunlight to help to keep the temperature down.”

2. Always trust the fridge

“We recommend unplugging most of your electrics when you go away because this is safer and will save on electricity while you’re away.”

“Just don’t unplug your fridge or freezer as this could end up very messy.

“Turn off anything on a timer, especially alarm clocks, you don’t want to drive your neighbours crazy from 6am every day.”

3. Fix drips

“If you’re living in an apartment and therefore do not have a garden, you’d be best to turn off your main water supply while you are away as this is the easiest and best way to prevent any water leaks or damage.” 

“If you live in a villa with a garden or are unable to isolate the water supply for whatever reason, make sure you switch off all water taps before you go away and have any leaks or drips fixed before you go to avoid a major Dewa bill.”

4. Daily showers for plants & flowers

“No one wants to come home to a garden that has been reduced to a desert-like state, so ensure you time your irrigation to come on during the night to minimise evaporation,” he said.

“We recommend arranging for your gardening service to continue coming to your home while you are away and don’t cut the water supply or your irrigation will run dry within a day.”


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