Stop mould in its tracks

After a summer of scorching temperatures, we all sigh with relief when the temperatures drop to 33/34°C in October, and we adjust our air conditioners to compensate for the fading heat outside.

While our DEWA bills start to decrease and we plan to spend more time outdoors, we must still keep an eye on the moisture build-up inside our homes. The presence of excess moisture can lead to mould growth, which can cause many health problems, including wheezing, nasal congestion, coughing, and other ailments.

Here are some top tips to help control and prevent excessive moisture in your home:

Your AC unit on its own may not be a conducive place for mould growth. But air filters clogged with dust can become a source of organic food for mould. Cleaning and disinfecting air filters regularly can do wonders to prevent mould growth. It may also be a good idea to run your AC every once in a while, to improve airflow within your home, even if the weather doesn’t demand it.

Insufficient indoor airflow is one of the primary reasons for mould build-up. One of the main functions of your AC duct is to circulate indoor air. However, if your AC ducts have mould growing inside them, the spores are sure to be distributed all over your home as well. The best way to avoid mould from being spread across your home is to turn off your AC unit as soon as you spot an issue and call a reliable professional to have your ducts cleaned and disinfected. Regular duct cleaning will also get rid of the dirt and dust in your ductwork, ensuring that mould has no source of organic matter to latch itself on to.

Sinks are the most common culprit when it comes to mould growth, as even a minor leak in your kitchen or bathroom sink could lead to an outbreak. If you live in a villa, your water tank is another place you need to inspect regularly for mould growth.

Make sure your doors and windows are sealed shut tightly to ensure that there’s no room for extra moisture that can contribute to mould growth.

Mould can spread quickly and across vast areas so it is always better to get quick, professional help. Speak to the experts at We Will Fix It to inspect your water tanks and AC units for mould growth. Noticing dirty walls after your mould has been sorted by a specialist? If so, we’ve got you covered with our handyman services to patch up the stains and give your walls the freshen up they deserve.

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